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Support and discussion group for the open source program XTrackCAD.  This is also called XTrkCAD.  Supported entirely by volunteers, this is a free railway design and simulation application that runs on Windows, Mac and several varieties of Linux. 

The topic is the program, how to use it, how not to use it.  It is not a space to advertise your product, conduct debates of real-world matters and so on. Plenty of other places exist for that. 

We always welcome new users, even when the questions are sometimes repetitive, we all needed help at some point.

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  • https://sourceforge.net/projects/xtrkcad-fork/
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Top Hashtags [See All]

  • #HowTo A description of how to get something done 68 topics
  • #Bug Something that doesn't work 51 topics
  • #Parameter Turnouts/Structures Files 38 topics
  • #Files File Notifications 30 topics
  • #New The stuff in the new (V5.2) non-released version 23 topics
  • #v5dot2 20 topics
  • #FeatureRequest Something that would be good 19 topics
  • #linux 13 topics
  • #Mac Mac specific 13 topics
  • #beta 11 topics

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