Re: Time to move to #Group

Robert Heller

At Wed, 16 Oct 2019 08:11:54 -0500 XTrkCad@... wrote:

This is the last Yahoo group I belong to. Almost every other one has
moved to I recommend that as you can copy over the entire
history from this Yahoo group with a couple simple steps.

Yes, please move from Yahoo to!

Shane Lambert
West Salem, WI

On 10/15/2019 10:24 PM, William Lugg @luggw1 [XTrkCad]
I received this bit of info on another Yahoo groups list: Seems
like this could be a problem for the things we discuss here and would
provide good incentive to move to, which is a far superior
host environment, in my opinion.

Just a thought.
Bill Lugg

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