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Robert Heller

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Here's the issue, folks - it costs money. Shock, I know -> "but it says its free" (actually it says "Freemium") - Since Feb this year has effectively been charging 100 dollars to migrate groups. A forced, 1 year, premium subscription. I discovered this as I was playing about with it today.

And, if you don't use their migration service, you are out-of-luck about having either your membership or your content (posts, files) transferred. You can't add the folks yourself (needs a premium membership, ;-) ), and you can't get the content over in any way I can find other than as individual members moving files but certainly no preservation of the archive.

Therefore, the question is, are we prepared to move house virally, leaving behind the messages here as an archive until such time as Yahoo decides to terminate them and throws away the storage, and have you guys migrate your own files as you feel led - so we can continue to be free?
Well, it is likely that before too long, I will end up resigning from the
remaining 2-3 Yahoo groups I am on, mostly because Yahoo has been
"threatening" various things that I am not interested in complying with. (As
an E-Mail admin and manager of some E-Mail lists, Yahoo is more hassle than it
is worth and whenever possible I encurrage people to move the E-Mail *off*

Or maybe some kind person(s) is willing to help by donating?


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