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Norb Schertzer

Do we need to register again or will we be transfered?

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We are up on, but without the content migrated yet. 

The new address is  

You can find us by looking up either version of our name in the directory. 

To subscribe you will be asked to activate a userid based on your email address (if you don't already have one at  You can use also Google to authenticate, if you wish, at the bottom of that age. You can alternatively subscribe at

Once you have subscribed and approved, you can post on the site itself or via email at the address shown on the site's home page. 

Thank you so very much to those who have contributed to the subscription at, it shows our community in its best light - and what a grass-roots movement can do. I'll take stock of our contributions next week and report back on the total and then we can decide where we are and what we want to do with any extra money. 


PS  I have invited all the current moderation team individually and made them moderators who can approve subscriptions and messages. We will need to approve each to try and keep spammers at bay. I'll look myself at least every day to clear the queue. If anyone else has a burning lust to moderate, and can keep the simple "no ads, no spam, no cant, try to cut out any huge repetition of thread content" rule - happy to add you. 

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