Welcome, welcome and thrice welcome! #Group

Ken Adams

Glad to see XtrackCAD has finally migrated. I apparently had a membership on Yahoo that has long been forgotten.  I will put my XtrackCAD subscription (use the subscription setting on the left panel) on daily digest and see what is cooking in your world.   Daily digest is the best setting unless you are in a hot conversation with another member of your group. As a subscriber, I think you will find Groups dot IO much easier to use as the software is up to date and there is no constant pounding with the constantly changing owners of Yahoo trying to make a back the money they overspent acquiring the platform.

I have been owner, administrator and moderator of a modest group plasticfreightcarbuiilders.groups.io since February 2018 and all I can tell you is that I have seen nothing to fear, loath or worry about with Group dot IO. The platform is stable and well maintained. Actual operations maintenance and platform ownership are in the silicon valley of California not Eastern Europe or India. The servers are in some cloud somewhere. Response time online for me at least has been very good. Outages are a minimum. Software updates are weekly applied on Saturday night and anyone can join the administration group and see what updates are being made and problems other users are having.

I have had only one or two spam problems and those were easily dealt with. The administrative tools are very easy to work with and handle problems.

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