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Hi Adam.
A huge thank you for all the work you, and presumably Martin, have put into moving us to It all seems to have gone well, although I suspect it might be like ducks on a pond: all the real work is going on under the surface.
And thanks to the two of you for the ongoing work on XtrackCAD, which goes from strength to strength. You’ve always been very accessible, and extremely responsive to any issues that are brought to your attention. The speed with which you apply fixes has always really impressed me. 

Ron Ventura

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You made it!  And now (as of October 20th) your content did as well!  The old group has been shut down. 

Please feel free to post and interact here as you did on Yahoo, all about XtrackCAD (also known as XtrkCAD) now in V5.1.2a with a V5.2 beta in the near future. 

For anyone who stumbled on this group latterly, I'm Adam, the junior partner in maintaining the program generously donated to open source by its creator Dave Bullis. The senior partner is Martin Fischer, who will be along soon to introduce himself, I expect.  And several others have made significant contributions, and we welcome those how want to practice the dark arts (aka multi-platform coding in C). 

XTrackCAD the program lives on SourceForge at and we have a wiki at You'll immediately notice that we have two names which is a historical artifact that I'll allow Martin to explain (if he chooses to).  But "tom-a-to/tom-ah-to" as we say, it's one of the best programs for planning model railway/railroad layouts and simulating their operation.  And it's FREE! 

We have now transfrered the content and users.  Theses are the statistics I got from

  1. Total Members Processed: 5630
  2. Successfully Added: 4569
  3. Bounced Members (Skipped): 957
  4. Moderated Members: 4321
  5. Members on Digest: 579
  6. Undisclosed Emails (Skipped): 5

Only one message could not be transferred. I expect we will have some people choosing to unsubscribe which is fine - how to do that is on the bottom of the home page.



Ron Ventura

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