Re: Raspberry pi 4 issue #HowTo #raspberrypi

Adam Richards

I am by no means an expert in Pi, raspberry or otherwise, always thought it would be interesting to use one for running block telegraph equipment, though. 

Anyway - the likeliest culprit is the "screen"/drivers system for the 4 being different than the 3 in a library which I think is called Pi3D?  And it itself is an interface to OpenVG, perhaps?  The rectangle you are talking about is actually a transparent colored overlay, so that's where I would start trying to see what can be done. 

This complaint seems familiar ->

Overall It seems like the color depth of the PI display is not the same as that of the Windows/Mac - and so transparent alpha values may not be mapped the same and choices may have been made for the sw platform that alter transparency in particular.   

Sorry I can't be of more help,

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