Already have a account? #Group

Philip Holman

Hi all,

Do you already have a account but with a different email address?

Do you want to use that email address for this group as well?

Easy to change - Yes!

When you sign in to using the email id you don't want anymore.
Go to account (Top Right of screen).
There you change the email address to be identical to the one you do want 
When you click Save - a special prompt pops up asking if you want to "Merge" the two Ids.
If you want to merge - click yes,
This will prompt to send an email to the "good" account which will have a link to click on,
Then sign in as that userid and say "Yes" to Merge. 
The identities will be merged with all the content and subscriptions from them under the good email address and the id you didn't want will be deleted. 

Done with a bit of a prompt from this groups admin team - thanks for the assist.

Phil H

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