Re: Exporting image files #HowTo #dxf

Martin Fischer


for an experiment I exported three layouts of different sizes to BMP. By using a DPI value of 25 I get good results in all cases. Maybe that helps you. I fnot I'd like to have your plan and an exported bitmap file for further experiments.


Am 19.01.2020 um 00:03 schrieb Tony Scott:

Thank you to all those who responded. I tried all the possible outputs and found that .xti, .dxf and .prn files are unable to be read by PaintShop. The Windows 10 'MS Print to PDF' produces a file that can be read but it is extremely rough with low resolution and more or less useless. The only option seems to be a BMP file which, apart from being very large, looks very disjointed at ordinary screen resolution viewing - it has to be zoomed way up to get a good image but then you can only see a very small portion of the plan on the screen. All a bit frustrating really.

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