Is there an estimate on the next release?

Jeff Taylor

Just wondering if anyone had some idea when the next release might be?  I'm really 'stuck' on 5.1.2a right now as I still have the issue with the abysmally slow screen updates despite upgrading my OS.  I'm currently on Debian Jessie (8) and this started happening as soon as I switched from version 4 of xtrkcad (I was on Wheezy/7 at that time).  Basically when I open the program it always creates a new window spanning across both screens.  To resize, even with a blank new layout, I have to grab the side and continually move my mouse around while it shrinks the screen a few pixels at a time for five 'chunks', then pauses for a second before resuming.  This whole process takes nearly a minute just to get the window down to a single screen.  Some folks provided suggestions previously, but I can't even seem to change the default window size when the program opens.

I'm really hoping this was just a fluke with the current version and it gets fixed in the next release, but it's really aggravating to even try opening a new window when I want to work on multiple layouts.

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