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Tony Scott

Hi Martin

The layout file is attached. It is incomplete as there is a station and yards to be added on modules 4 & 5, just in case you thought it looked a bit odd.


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I still don't understand why your experiences are so bad. Could you send me your trackplan so I can fiddle with it?


Am 20.01.2020 um 06:16 schrieb Tony Scott:

Thanks for your suggestion. However in the process of getting some files together to send to you I seem to have stumbled on a method of producing what I want - good quality images that are suitable for publication and/or can be manipulated in an image processing program (such as PaintShop or Photoshop). The process is:
* Use Export command to produce a BMP file.
* Open BMP file in PaintShop (or similar, I guess) - see attached file *GW 25dpi screenshot 01.jpg *(the actual BMP file is too large to send at 26.5 MB).
* In PaintShop save a copy (this automatically makes a JPG) - see *GW 25dpi screenshot 02.jpg* (actual JPG is 2.5 MB).

You can see how scratchy the BMP is. I made the copy just to try something different and couldn't believe the result. Tried it again and it worked again! I've no idea why a 2.5 MB JPG can be so much better than a 26.5 MB BMP. I had pretty well given up until receiving your message Martin, but as a result decided to give it one more try. I've been wanting to get this result for years. So thanks again.


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