Re: Exporting image files #HowTo #dxf


I wouldn’t class a BMP as being inferior....

In fact, a BMP is more ‘pure’ than almost any other format. I often use them when I want faithful, hi-def images - which for the output from XTrackCad seems spot-on - as most other formats, whilst taking less storage, are distorted....

On 24 Jan 2020, at 18:18, Martin Fischer <> wrote:


your problem seems to be caused by the program that is used to show the BMP.

I did an export with 25dpi.

On Windows 10 I checked with:

- Irfan View: good
- Paint: good
- Paint 3d: good
- Fotos: not ok

In any case, the next release will have a PNG export under Windows and GTK.


Am 23.01.2020 um 07:47 schrieb Tony Scott:
Hi Martin
The layout file is attached. It is incomplete as there is a station and yards to be added on modules 4 & 5, just in case you thought it looked a bit odd.

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