Re: Exporting image files #HowTo #dxf

Jack Haverty.

On 1/24/20 4:29 PM, wrote:

Indeed there is nothing inferior about the quality of BMP files. Their
only shortcoming is that they have no compression so they can become
quite large, growing exponentially as the width or length of the image
I think bitmap-based formats are fine for many uses.  But another
shortcoming is that they don't work well when "zooming in" to see a
particular area of an image more clearly.  E.G., the small text elements
in your sample files become very fuzzy if you try to zoom in to read
them.  As long as you have no need to zoom in/out, bitmaps are fine.

In addition to the bitmap option, I'd like to see a way to output a
diagram as an SVG file (Scalable Vector Graphics).  Such "vector"
formats are especially compatible with track diagrams since track
graphics are primarily lines and characters already.   Internally,
Xtrkcad is probably creating screen images out of the underlying XML
description of a track plan whenever it generates a display, zooms
in/out, pans, etc.  A way to "print" a track diagram into an
SVG-formatted file would retain all that detail for use later with the

/Jack Haverty

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