Re: How do you increase the canvas size of an existing many layered xtrack cad file #HowTo

Adam Richards

  • Be In Select Mode (Arrow)
  • Edit->Select All shortcut (Shift+Ctrl+A)
  • Make sure the arrow is over any selected piece of track
  • Shift+Right Click.  If the menu starts with Normal, Simple, End Points look for just underneath. Enter Move.....
  • If that gives you a commands menu, try Right-Click instead
  • Click Enter Move....
5.2.0 Beta 2
  • In Select Mode
  • Select All (Shift+Ctrl+A)
  • Hover over a selected area and Shift+Right-Click - if this shows
  • Find Enter Move...
  • If not, Use Right-Click

The meaning of Right-Click and Shift- Right-Click si controlled in Options->Commands (this is 5.2.0)

This is in v5.1.2a


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