Beta 2.1 Released #v5dot2

Adam Richards

V5.2.0 Beta 2.1 has been released on SourceForge.

Installation packages are available for Windows, Mac, .deb and .rpm for Linux. 

The changes included were all those current as of Saturday 25th July.  These included fixes for several different issues that caused abnormal program ends (Abends) using Beta 2.0 - especially in the area of the Parallel Line command.  The file contains details of the major changes after Beta 2.0 (and also the changes since 5.2.1a). 


Martin, Dave and Adam

PS There have been several changes made since Beta 2.1 was cut, in response to user requests and some UI bugs - these will be included in the next release, and, as always, are always available for folks to self-build from source.

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