Re: HOn3 track does not in my layout drawing #HowTo #dual-gauge #jmri

Adam Richards


The first point to note is the active scale/gauge is set in the Options->Layout window. It determines which elements show up in the HotBar from the set of parameter files that were added in File->Parameter Files.... (which loaded parameter files are shown). So you need to set that to HOn3 to see those elements. 

Dual gauge is possible to draw, but we don't have special parameter files for it.  The way it works is via a cheat. The two tracks are simply overlaid. You can use the Parallel Track command with an offset of zero to align the second (or third etc) gauge track to the first either on the left or the right rail. The code will ensure that the ties are turned off on the second track (assumed to be the narrower gauge). Likewise we do not have inbuilt support for multi gauge turnouts because a turnout has a (single) gauge. This assumption is deeply rooted in the code. 

There is at least one of our community who does use dual-guage track (which is how the Parallel feature and noties got added) so they may have more hints and tips.


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