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Robert Heller

At Mon, 03 Aug 2020 06:53:34 -0700 wrote:

No we don't (directly).  That's a lot of work and we have enough trouble getting it right in 2D!!  I have also noted in the past -> if there is a developer out there who is sufficiently motivated....

I believe, however, that there is an importer to enable the XTrackCAD layout
to be seen in another tool, however.   One thing to note is that only the
tracks have elevations. The Draw objects (lines, arcs, circles, etc) do not.
And nothing (even tracks) has a "Z" dimension. Even though tracks have an
"elevation", the rails and ties themselves have no height. The code does not
have a slot in the data structures to support anything like a three
dimensional view that would have any hope of being realistic. To implement
anything like that would require massive changes in the code. Note: since one
can export selected item to DXF *AND* most 3D CAD programs can import DXF,
that might be a starting place to produce a 3D representation.

Another (totally random) idea: FreeCAD is a free and scriptable 3D CAD
system, mostly written in Python. XTrakCAD files are text and well
documented, so it really should be possible to write a FreeCAD/Python script
to "import" XTrakCAD files into FreeCAD. It would require some help to deal
with benchwork, rail and tie profile, and structures, etc. to create the
inteneded 3D aspects.


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