Re: HOn3 track does not in my layout drawing #HowTo #dual-gauge #jmri

Adam Richards

There is an importer written in Java that you can find on the JMRI site. It takes the XTrackCAD track definitions and converts them into JMRI panel graphics. Very regrettably the tool's creator went to the marshaling yard in the sky about 2 years ago now, but the tool was in their library when I checked about a year ago. 

When I looked it was at a 2010 - V4 level of xtc file format and the code does not understand either Bezier or Cornu tracks and at the best renders them as straight lines between the end points (I think). I did talk to the creator before his demise about being able to read the subsegs info within these types of definitions (its inside each layout file for this kind of use case) and so be able to render them into the panel as a set of straights and curves - but I don't think that came to anything. 


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