Re: Is there a way to group a set of layers related to a single theme and hide the rest of the layout and then work on those layers? #FeatureRequest

Adam Richards

So I have some rough stuff together on two things on a code branch.

1. Layers can hide their button on the toolbar. This preserves toolbar real-estate.
2. A Layer can have a comma delimited list of layer numbers that will show/hide when it does.  There is no checking of unique-ness and no recursion (so a layer that hides another layer does not look to see if that layer has such a list) -> this stops loops. 

The net effect is that you can have some layers act as toggle show/hide for a group of other layers that optionally do not show their show/hide buttons.

Nothing stops you from selecting and showing any layer individually even if it is in a list - it will resync the next time the group layer is shown/hidden. 

I have worked out how to save/restore in the layout - I still have to work this out for the Layer profile. 

I know there is much more to do in terms of naming Settings profiles that harden some key settings, linking layers to named Settings profiles - more to do in other words, more to do.


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