Re: parallel lines still crash program

Adam Richards

Don't worry - it just is quite a complex area to get debugged and it has been a looong slog and I am quite anxious for it to go out. 

My apologies for my response - I sometimes feel in the role of the man who kept the hand-pumped organ in my grandmother's Devon country church full of air - she told me that when a new organist from town came to play one Sunday, after a time the music gave out. A red-faced, puffing head then appeared from round the back of the pipes and yelled "b'aint electric!".   :-)

I don't understand the delete key issue fully - but Delete and Backspace are mapped differently on Windows to  Mac keyboards - can you try using the "backspace" key instead of delete perhaps?  


PS I'm in Northern CA -> once I have it running, I will have lots of need of help operating and all will be welcome once we get through the current unpleasantness.  OO Gauge, 1962, a flight of Welsh fancy dripping with "hiraeth", you'll find it under the examples folder -> Port Dinllaen.  There's an poorly unmaintained blog with some photos of progress -

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