Re: Beta 2 - Input Error and then crash! #Bug

Adam Richards

1. kato-n.xtp has some definitions where the path statement is incorrect. It would not work well in Train mode. There are track segments not in path statements.  These have been corrected in N-Kato Track & Structures.xtp

2. The reason the auto-upgrade did not work is twofold. The name is changed (which should have resulted in a "Not Found" with an "OK" button) and crucially that I forgot that Windows uses "\" instead of "/" as a path delimiter....  I have a fix for that. 

3. The abend is different. I can't get that to happen with V5.2 forced to load the V5.1.2a file - I get the usual CheckPaths() "Path error" messages and life goes on - at least on Mac.  So that remains a mystery - perhaps Martin can try to reproduce? 


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