Re: exporting xtrck file to JMRI #jmri

Adam Richards

Clicking on the downloaded file will not work as you discovered as it is a Java app (like most of JMRI internally, in fact, although they have packaged the main parts up as executable applications that can be opened normally).

First, in case you don't know - these sort of commands are typed into the Terminal application that is part of Windows.  So you need to open that app. 

Second, this command means that you must already have Java (strictly at least a JRE <-> Java Runtime Environment) installed. You can test that by just typing in "java" to the Terminal and hitting Enter and seeing what response you get back. If that doesn't seem to do anything at all (not found response), go to and install Java runtime.

Note - The path1 and path2 in the command above would be substituted with the directory paths for where the reader and the layout (.xtc) file are placed respectively.  You can save yourself some typing by placing them both in the same directory and using "cd" in the Terminal to go to that directory before running the command.


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