Re: Table Size #HowTo

Adam Richards

The basics are these - the Layout size is really the entire space you are putting things into. (options->layout).

Within that you place your baseboards, modules, bench work, etc. Most people use drawing elements to designate the outline and/or units of these. Typically these are in a different layer, which allows them to be “frozen” so that you don’t keep selecting and moving them by accident when you are dealing with track. (Manage->Layers). 


Support for real Modules is a recent Beta 2+ development. This is where you have created all the parts of the module independently (a mini-layout) and then exported it. When you import that as a module, a new module layer is created and that acts as a single unit for selection, movement, etc. It’s what many people would think of as a group, except that a Group in XTRackCAD is more about creating semi-permanently bound groups of tracks (and drawing elements) that act as an object and can be repeated. Example would be turnouts/points, or model buildings. The program assumes a set of tracks is a turnout which means that when running trains through it all paths are from one edge to another - which is not helpful for more complex situations.

Modules then are usually units we would think of as being like a modular layout in a club that are assembled for events, in many different configurations, possibly owned by many different people.

So I don’t know if that helps at all.  I would think if you are building some baseboards/benchwork, you could name a layer for them make it current and draw the edges, or even the cross beams as well. If they are identical, you can cut and paste. Once you are done, you can change to a different layer, freeze the baseboards layer and move onto tracklaying. That may be on one or more layers.

if you are building a real module, you do it as that (as above) and then select and export it as a file, so that it can then be imported as a module along with any others to plan an event where the new layout is the size of the venue.


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