Re: XtrackCad will not open High Sierra 10.13.6

Adam Richards

It does help. So close to success! 

See the line near the end -

(XtrkCAD-bin:31435): Gtk-
WARNING **: cannot open display: 

That's why it is failing. OSX Security is all ok by this point. But XQuartz is not providing XtrkCAD with a Display.  This is normally set up just after XQuartz has been installed when the user logs out and then logs in again. If that step is missed, it will not be set correctly. 

A thing to try is to see if the built-in XQuartz apps will launch. Run XQuartz and then Xman inside it - see attached.

You can also use this command in Terminal - 


It should give you something like this -


In any case, the simple thing to do is to re-download XQuartz from and re-install it. Then log off and log on as the XQuartz instructions require (a reboot will also do). Then look at the DISPLAY variable again.


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