Re: Hot bar usage #HowTo

Adam Richards

The HotBar does not support drag and drop (never has). Reasons are complex and besides the point right now.

How to use it - 

  1. Select an object in the bar.  (Left-Click and release) <the selected item is boxed in Grey>
  2. Move cursor to the Layout (you can drag here but it doesn’t do anything which is why you are confused).
  3. Left-Click again on the surface <the cloned object appears in red>

- You can now left-click and drag to reposition the object.
- Right-drag or Ctrl and left-drag rotates the object
- Shift and left-click for a turnout selects a different endpoint to snap onto other track
- To accept the object hit Space <object drawn normally>

- Another left click on the layout adds another clone like #3.
- Esc rejects both the selected and cloned object and resets the command so no objects are selected. Selecting another command button has the same effect.

Incidentally, you can also add using the Add->Predefined Track window; which you might find more natural and gives you a visual of which endpoint is selected.

in Train mode,  the “click to select”, “move cursor to layout”, “click on layout and drag to place” above works the same way for Cars.

Hope that helps.


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