Beta 3.01 Error when Grouping - No Endpts #Bug


I imported an XTI of the Scalescenes Small Loco Shed twice. Placed one alongside the other. Adjusted the middle door so that they didn't cross over each other. Then highlighted all of the pieces and Selected to Group them. I filled in the details as I wanted them and clicked OK. I then got back an error message I have never seen before, "No Endpts".

Can somebody explain what I have done wrong to get such an error?
No Endpts error.png

I am using the latest 3-01 beta on Windows 10 in a new layout so nothing else exists other than these objects.

A 1-minute clip showing my process: 

Beta 3.01 - On Grouping I get a No Endpts error. - Watch Video

-- Ian
PS: At the very top right it shows this text: "Unnamed Trackplan (R/O)*"  Does R/O somehow mean Read Only?

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