Re: +Topography #background

Adam Richards

This work has shown me that the color pallette works in inscrutable ways, making it very difficult to create and save a suitable gradation of colors.

This is a hangover from the days when XTrackCAD was born.  Those of long memory may recall that early graphics hw support had to use a limited "palette" of colors. You could have any color you wanted but only 16 or 256 different colors.  So it is that today, the colors users input are still "clustered" into a limited palette by seeing how far "off" a color is from ones already in use. 

One of the advantages of moving to a universal GTK3 would be to get away from this heritage and just use the "real" colors as input. 

In that area are also the potential of including transparency (alpha) with colors, gradient fills (and maybe pattern/hatch fills as well). 

Spray painting, however, is likely going to be beyond a vector-based (rather than raster-based) program. Things get complex with zooms and so forth. 


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