Re: Does a custom parameter file need to be included with an exported .xtc file.

Adam Richards

On Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 08:37 AM, Phil in gorgeous Young Harris wrote:
Am I correct in thinking that the other person reviewing the design can see everything just like the original designer (who has all the parameter files), but modifications to the drawing may require those files?

Only if the modifications needed are to add/replace or augment with (new) elements from the parm files.  Moving or Deleting existing elements, or Joining, or Adding flexible track elements, or Draw elements, etc - can all be done without needing the original parm files.  

Note that many parm files are shipped as part of the product - so it is only those that aren't which could be an issue. The format of parm files is text - so if needed they could be emailed, for example.

And if there are parm files with generally useful elements that we do not already ship inside the distro, we are always open to donations!! 


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