Re: Input error - track segment not on path #Parameter #beta

Adam Richards

Couple of pointers about Update Turnouts and Structures - 

1) The names must match. If you updated the label of the turnout or structure - it will fail to find it
2) The endpoint count and their position must match. If the turnout was improved to be more accurate (as some of the Peco curved and Y turnouts were recently) then they will not substitute. 

If these don't apply, then hand deletion, replacement and re-joining will be needed to get the the new definitions working.

One of our long-time volunteers is Dwayne, who has always done a sterling job on trying to ensure we have definitions for most new developments in RTR track (and also things like the newer turnout kits).  The best thing that would help is for folks to continue to point out where they are running into issues so that we can deprecate/upgrade files and then incorporate them into the shipped product for the benefit of all. 


On a wider point, we definitely lack a lot of richness around all the latest print-and-paste card kit buildings, even traditional card buildings as well, and even more lacking are definitions of RTR Cars outside NA practice.  

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