Re: V5.2 Migration - weird messages about a jpg #Bug

Gavin Dewar

Hi Adam
Of the three files I sent you in earler email:

The following two are from V5.1.2a  and contain the "Draw-Notes-Comments" in Layers 1 & 4,
they both load into V5.2.0 OK but are corrupted on saveing.

"Rowandale - 200"
is my full version with all Layers

"Rowandale - 200 -Layout Only -L1 L4"  - is cut down to just the two layers containing the four "Draw-Notes-Comments"

The following is modified to operate correctly in v5.2.0
  "Rowandale - 200 -Layout Only -L1 L4  - No Comments" is the one which V5.2.0   loads , saves  and re-loads OK
the only difference is that the comments have been removed.

I replied on the thread earlier - but maybe only Dave saw it?

So repeating direct to you
I initially found the problem appeared to be a fault in a "custom turnout" I had setup

a number of years ago - a return loop with a couple of points included.
When I edited the parameters file to remove it - the original problem disappeared
But then I found I still had problems when saving in Version 5-2-0 GA
 and then getting errors when reloading the file, with only part of the layout being displayed.
After a lot of to & froing between 5-2-0 & 5-1-2a

        - Removing various layers & individual items:

a) Load original in 5-1 - remove layers/items & save with new name.
b) Load into 5-2 - looks fine - Save from  5-2
         Realised after a bit 5-2 crashed out immediately after saving ( or was it part through ?)
c) Load again into 5-2 - gives loads of error messages & eventually
                only loads part of the layout.

I seem to have narrowed the problem to embedded "Draw - Note - Comment" containers.

  When I remove the four of these I had in two layers, then the new version now works
     for me with no problem.


Alsotried  a new blank file, then  Draw > Notes > Comment, Placed the default Note on drawing.
Then File > Save   and immediate crash out exit from file. !!
Restart 5-2  - Yes to Offer to recover  - blank file.  Also tried a few tracks - no problem.
Then again Draw > Notes > Commen, Placed the default Note on drawing. Immediate crash on Saveing.

So does seem to be a problem with the "Comments"

I am using Windows10 - with all updates.


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