Re: 5.22 on Win10: Problems with setting Elevations

Adam Richards

Right - any use of a different window brings up the need to reestablish focus coming back, The Map or another window like Describe are examples. This is basic windowing technology, we never see the focus clicks, they get swallowed by the OS/GTK. The way around this is to either make the user click on "Done" which returns focus because it has to go somewhere!, or use UI items that show-up and hide inside the same window.  If you think about the Office "ribbon" it does a lot of this as you select elements, which allows it to instantly accept clicks off the pseudo-window pop-up as well.  Then all the handling is within the program (which has to remember what is active but sees everything).  Once we have a unified UI this is stuff is much easier to think about. 

Can you explain the "3 objects" comment - I'm not following that, so I can't answer yes or no. 


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