Re: Saving layout files #HowTo #Bug

Rob Pearce

On 06/03/2021 15:47, scenicsRme via wrote:
Adam, Count me as one who would like "save as..." to work like many other programs
Me too!

If I've made some changes to the layout, experimentally, then decide I'm not sure about them, so I do "save as" to a different name, then I expect the original file NOT TO HAVE CHANGED. I haven't saved it under that name.

Certainly keep the rolling checkpoint stuff - being able to recover from a crash is definitely good - but don't EVER save to the real file unless the user tells you to. Silent autosave (of the real file) is evil, and always was evil even when Microsoft implemented it in the 1990s to get round the astonishing frequency of their crashes. That's why they changed it to a recovery file system on later versions. (Of course with the advent of "the cloud" they've now decided to adopt a continuous save, no you don't get a choice, no you can't do anything that isn't permanent, no no no you cannot work like a human being... approach. I don't want to see that adopted!)

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