Re: Saving layout files #HowTo #Bug

Adam Richards

Well there seem to be two aspects -

1. Not auto-saving - that's already a feature - simply set the auto-save frequency to zero. 
2. Not setting the layout name to the Save As... value but saving the file as that name only. Firstly the behaviour of Save As is of long-standing and is in common with many consumer products (Word, etc) that nearly all new users will be familiar with. It may be thought to be beneath contempt by some, but clearly a lot of folks are pre-conditioned to expect this method (including many of our long-time users). Breaking that behaviour therefore would be bad for folks that rely on it as it would do the opposite. So therefore we either need a new verb (e.g., Save Version ... ) or a setting on Save As ...  that says, "don't change layout name".  I actually think the former approach is superior as it is much more obvious and less "fiddly".


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