Re: 5.22 on Win10: Problems with setting Elevations

Adam Richards

Would be interested in the modify, edit or split comment detail. There have been some advances in V5.2 on that, and I’m always interested in new use cases.

FWIW - Cornu are now fully splittable and you can add also pins to modify them to “pin” to follow any route if you dislike the default one. Pins are supported in modify by round-trip editing (Adjacent Cornu that result from a pin or split operation automatically open as a single Cornu with a pin at the joint which you can move or remove or leave ad you alter the rest of the curve). The only interesting edge case I have come across is if you split a Cornu, delete one half and then snap on a straight or curve. In that case modify/editing may change the shape because the end conditions changed (from whatever the split end radius was to the new joined track). We could add a check and recompute the curve when joining to an existing Cornu.


On Mon, Mar 29, 2021 at 11:31 AM, Robert Scott via <> wrote:
Thanks for the info.

Cornu curves, while convenient, can be difficult to modify, edit or split. I find i am happier with the result if I join curves of varying radii with easements.
i guess the result is 10,000 track pieces, although in reality, full length flex track would be shaped to follow the center line.
The number of pieces does slow updating as the map is moved.

On Monday, March 29, 2021, 11:28:38 a.m. EDT, Adam Richards <adamjmrichards@...> wrote:

The fixes for Ian's issues were relatively late, so the latest code has the issues he raised fixed and that is what I tested with.  A major difference will be the that blue ball will only appear with Alt.  (On Mac, Alt could be  
Cmd depending on XQuartz Input settings).


Adam Richards

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