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Adam Richards

You can also try using the "Cornu 3-Way Turnout" in Turnout Builder.  Each of the 3 diverging endpoints is defined by its position and angle relative to the toe (position 0,0 and angle 0) and also has a radius and the builder will create smooth curves to join these points. The lower, normally diverging "down", leg can be given a negative offset to make 3 ends all on the same "up" side. Or vice versa if the other "hand" is desired.  You can also specify two "toe" lengths which is the distance before each of the two other tracks start diverging from the least divergent track.  I designed a curved 3-way as one of the unit test cases, so hopefully that still works. 

I think there is also a way to design a turnout by overlaying three track curves that you draw "normally" with very closely aligned ends and then Group them. Dave can probably speak to that. 


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You can if you create a parameter file manually in a text editor. The wiki website has the para file info.
You would need to know the angle, radius, length and offset dimensions for each of the routes.
Just look at the current curve turnout designer and add a third route.
There not any marcway data online for me to create such a file.
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