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Robert Heller

At Fri, 30 Apr 2021 09:25:34 -0600 wrote:

So, if a lot of people download a virus, is the virus
Microsoft's eyes?  This is one of the many reasons I left Windows for
Linux back in 2003.  I've never looked back.
It is more that if enough people "complain" about a "false positive", M$ /
Norton / Mcafee will include an exception. Also there is the whole application
signing business, which involves *buying* a certificate from M$ , something a
typical open-source project generally is not going to be able to do. A small
scale open-source project (like xtrackcad) is not likely to come up on M$'s /
Norton's / Mcafee's radar, so their virus scanners will likely always flag
xtrackcad as "malware", because A) it is not signed and B) not recognized as
known, legit software (eg it is not in thier various databases). I think
malware scanners no longer look for *known* viruses, but instead look for
"known" software and/or check for exe's being signed.

Bill Lugg

On 4/30/21 7:34 AM, Neil D wrote:
Mcafee did the same to me when I first downloaded 5.2.1.a. I had to
dig into the options to find the override. As Chris said, it's because
not enough people downloaded it they don't consider it safe.

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