Re: Version 5 #Windows


I think the easiest route is to turn off all/any antivirus software you are running, including and especially Microsoft's, download the latest version directly from sourceforge (where it is checked and virus free) and install. After it is up and running turn the antivirus software back on. Not as many copies of Windows is selling as before, (Billy G. is no longer the richest man in the world) so they are trying to force all the smaller windows software designers into paying MS for the privilege, by making it hell to install anything but windows licensees products. This also makes it easier for MS to evaluate the source code to see if they want to squash it, buy it, or steal it for their own use in their programs. They want all their software to be cloud based so they can charge us bottom rung users an annual fee for it's use.
I too highly recommend switching to Linux. It is free. elegant, tiny in size, fast, and so much easier to use than Windows, plus most of the software is also free and very good. I switched when a ransomware wiped out and bricked my computer. Linux Mint was my savior, and I too have never looked back.

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