Run Trains Feature requests #HowTo #FeatureRequest

Shawn Hayes

Been using the program a month or two now, really enjoying it so far.
In the course of action I've run across a few things that either I am doing wrong or maybe are potentials for improvement.

1. When in "Run Trains" mode, is it possible to active the "Pan" navigation option? As I am sure you are aware, once you get a sizeable layout built, and particularly once you start adding background items, buildings, etc., the click-scroll navigation method starts to get pretty laggy. It gets worse the farther in you zoom. Pan seems to navigate the lag better, and I think it would be preferable to be able to pan-drag when operating anyway. "Follow" is useful, but it's nice to be able to look ahead.

2. Again in "Run Trains" mode, and I am fairly sure this is a wish-list item rather than a setting I am missing, would it be possible to make the controller a resizable window? The layout I am working with has something like 12 locomotives so it would be very nice to be able to see those in a single window simultaneously. If I could just drag the controller window edges to generate space for a loco panel in lieu of the drop down that would be excellent. Wider with a few rows of locos would probably be best. The current layout is large enough to be able to realistically run several trains at the same time, so an easier way of being able to monitor them would be great.

3. Is there a setting to make revising properties of cars on the layout possible? Having to remove-edit-respot cars  for a simple color change or whatever is a little tedious. We're working with 300 plus cars so there's always something that needs changing it seems!

4. Trains mode there a setting to make operating switches a simple click rather than a shift-click? Not a huge problem but the shift-click is not super intuitive in a windows environment and I believe that shift requirement and the lack of pan are the only things keeping you from running trains without any keyboard input. 

5. I've found the ctrl-1,2,3 track sizing function for providing track contrast, but I'm wondering if you can actually change individual track colors instead? Not very prototypical I realize but it is kind of nice to make an oddball track an off color sometimes.

Thanks for your help and your patience!

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