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Tony Scott

Thanks for the explanation Adam. I fixed it with Rob's reply yesterday.


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Colors work like this -

Either the layer provides the color, or the object (but not both) for each object.

There are two master settings in Options->Display that control which schemes are adopted. One for Tracks and one for Draw objects. The settings are "layer provides color" or "object provides color" for each type of object. If the setting is "layer provides color", the "Use Color" tickbox setting on each layer must also be on - this means that the color applies to THIS layer. (That is each layer can opt in or out of layer coloring). This allows some layers to do it and some not which is handy for some pre-colored structures, etc, as otherwise the color is a single color for that layer.

So, for your case, where you want the layers to provide color, you need to turn it on both in the master switch and in the layer switch for all affected layers. This is clearly not done for you yet, so you are in "object provides color"or "Use Color" is not set and so the object setting determines the color instead. Turn on the switch(es) in Settings and the layer(s) color tickbox(es) and all should be well.


On Sat, Jun 12, 2021 at 7:32 PM Tony Scott <> wrote:
I recently downloaded ver 5.2.1a onto a new laptop and then copied all
the layouts over to it from my old computer (which ran the same
version). However all the colours have gone on every layout and
everything is shown in black. If I go to Manage Layers it shows the
correct colour for each layer. But if I use the query button on any
object it shows it is in the correct layer but the selected colour is
black. If I then change the colour to the one I want (in the same query
dialogue) the queried object becomes the right colour. I don't
understand how the list of layers can show the correct colours but the
query dialogue shows them all black.

I have tried selecting the colours again in Manage Layers but it makes
no difference - everything stays black. Does anyone have any ideas?

Tony Scott

Adam Richards

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