5.2.1 Beta #3.0 - Unable to Group Objects


Hi friends, another Bug or buglet, whatever you want to classify it as.

I was trying to Group a set of lines as an Object. I imported the XTI file, Placed it. Selected all of the bits. Clicked on the Icon for Manage then Group. Entered the data and clicked on 'OK'. Ding and a message pops up "Cannot Group selected track." 
This is a repeatable error. Attached below is a screen-grab and I have made a short Loom clip ( to demonstrate the steps taken to reproduce the problem.
This is on a Windows 10 system.

bug maybe - cannot group selected tracks.png

-- Ian

Adam Richards

Found a situation that may be related to yours. Group was no longer processing a selection of objects that contained no tracks (a structure rather than a turnout).  That produced a different error (no end points). 

Can you attach the XTI here?  I'm not clear exactly what is contained in its 25 parts. The proximate cause is that one element (at least) appeared to "draw" no output to the temporary segments. It is possible, I suppose, that there is something unusual in there.  I tried using a set of purely draw elements -> which got me to the above bug, which would have triggered after yours.  


PS A Track Note would be an element you can't group, for example.

Adam Richards

I pushed a couple of fixes for this - one to get structures back, one to make explicit what type of object was failing.