Exporting image files #v5dot2

Martin Fischer


I hate to disappoint you a bit. As Adam mentions you can add links to websites and links to files on your system to your plan. I use that to add references to pictures of kits on the web. This can also be used to link to photos on your hard disk. But transferring the plan via email or similar to somebody else will not include those local files.

Adding arbitrary files to the new file format is a planned feature but I didn't get around writing the code so far.


Am 30.01.2020 um 09:21 schrieb Adam Richards:

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Links with URLs are already included in the V5.2 code - thanks to Martin. You can double-click on them and the default browser window for your platform opens as you might expect. Any URL the browser supports will therefore work - not just images.
My own contribution was to take an image (either a jpg, png or bmp) and use it in a read-only manner as a background.  The features include offset and rotation of the image, and setting the width to be a certain size in "layout inches/cm". This ensures it zooms with the layout. And of course that field also accepts a prototype dimension. In addition, there is a screen % function that can reduce the image saturation to enable easier tracing. I have used this in test to import a .jpg of an old scale map of Bethesda in North Wales and created a layout by placing the tracks to scale over the map. This proved that I don't have the room for a model of even this long-gone branch-line terminus without a lot of compression!
Also included is a new form of zip packaging support of arbitrary files together with the layout into one file which can then be used for things like backgrounds, manifests or notes, etc, keeping everything together as one file.

Adam Richards

Darn that's right. At the moment only the background image is packed together with the layout into the package file.  We designed the package to be extendable with a manifest xml file, but we didn't actually do the packaging selection function. 

Of course we also need to avoid including packing any executable filetypes - for hopefully very obvious reasons.