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Hi Clive, I have built a number of them in N but perhaps they would handle 00/H0 as well?

Wondering if I started a folder just for Scalescenes stuff so that it all stays readily accessible? Would that help you?

More to come but these are the ones I have built so far:

ScaleScenes Canal Boat T018

ScaleScenes Canal Bridge T018b

ScaleScenes Canal Bridge T018b - inverted

ScaleScenes Canal Bridge and Boat T018b

ScaleScenes Canal Bridge T018b and boat - inverted

ScaleScenes Canal Locks and Boat T108

ScaleScenes Canal Locks no Boat T108

ScaleScenes Inspection Pit R002c 130 x 36mm

ScaleScenes Low Relief Warehouse T002b 120 x 15mm

Scalescenes Platform Stairs or Escalators - R006


Update: I have started a folder - and you and everybody else are welcome to drop your Card structure .xti files in there. Doesn't matter the scale or brand.

Card Structures - Scalescenes and others