Announcing the V5.2.0 Beta1.0 #v5dot2

Adam Richards

It is with pleasure that the XTrackCAD development team announces public availability of the V5.2.0 first Beta (Beta 1.0).  At the moment we have Windows and Mac 64-bit and Linux. If it proves stable we may add Mac 32-bit as well. 

For those of you who want to take the plunge and test it out - here is the link on SourceForge

Please only download from SourceForge - in the past we have had other unauthorized sites supposedly mirror our downloads. We will let you know if we have verified any other sources. 

Attached is the README, but please take note of one thing - use of a Beta is inherently risky. There will be Bugs. This version writes V12 iles that can only be read by it (or higher). So please dont create things you cant afford to lose and always take backups of them. 

Part of being a Beta tester is feeding back both the good and the bad.  So please do so.  And clearly state that you are on the Beta (and which Beta level). The program will say its level at the top of the screen.  As much information as you can give us about OS Level, actions you took, files you created and so on will help us pin down any issues quickly. 

With that, let the fun begin!!


Martin, Adam and Dave.

Dave Bullis

RPM and self-extracting shell files for Linux have been uploaded as well.

Happy xtrkcad-ing.

Fred Dalzell

All - I've cleared my cache, rebooted and still the file isn't showing up for me on SourceForge.

Anyone getting it?

Thanks in advance,


Dave Bullis

There was a last minute hiccup for the Linux files.  They're in place now

Chris Kenyon

I'm obviously missing something / not clever enough.  I thought all I would need to do was run the setup .exe file, but that didn't seem to produce anything I could launch on my Win 10 PC.  Presumably I should have downloaded at least one more file from the Beta folder first?  Or maybe the whole folder?  Help please …..


Mats Wikström

Looks very good!

When I start I am in "change object properties" mode, but the cursor is  the "select object cursor". minor bug

I do not fancy the "select object" cursor yet, but I do not have a better proposal, so I guess I have to adapt :)


On Saturday, June 6, 2020, 09:26:52 PM GMT+2, Ian <ilox11@...> wrote:

Adam/Martin/ Crew, LOVE the Beta! Enjoyed building Bridges with one click. So cool. Enjoyed bringing in images of past tracks. Then the fun stopped.

I started a new layout and I found I can bring in the photo of a past track. So cool.

Then I brought in a T-TRAK XTI as a module, so easy. Then I was in trouble. I could add another line BUT it won't let me do anything else to it! Soon as I touch that line to Extend the track or connect a curve or something else, the system throws up a message that a module cant be changed. Hmm.

So I bring it in as an Import XTI, same thing. I select the Import and break it up into components with Ungroup. "You cannot change a module"

So then I start off fresh with just the Image behind the layout. I add a line to sit over the top of the image. So far so good. I touch the end to extend a curve. Up comes the message, You Can't change a module???

But all I have on the layout is the photo and one piece of track? Why is it talking about a module when nothing else has been imported? Does it think the photo is a module to be protected?

Any advice, please.


re beta 5.2  I ran the .sh file in Linux, Kubuntu [Qt]. Cannot invoke the exec file. Suggestions?