Beta 2 Hints and Tips - Pan #HowTo #v5dot2

Adam Richards

The new Pan support allows you to Pan with Gestures/Mouse within Select Mode and not have to go to Pan/Zoom mode or use arrow keys. This allows you to manipulate the viewport without having to leave this mode.

There are several modes of operation for Pan, because there are several hw capabilities out there. 

Scroll Gestures - Mac
  • Mac already has Scroll up and down (two fingers) wired to MouseWheel up and down (Zoom In and Out). Adding Shift to this Pans Up and Down in Beta 2. 
  • If you add Ctrl as well to the vertical scroll , the Up is Left and the Down is Right. This is actually true for a real MouseWheel as well. 
  • For left and right with natural left and right directions on a Mac laptop or with an Apple Magic Pad, you need to first go to System Preferences->TrackPad and More Gestures. Change the top entry "Swipe Between Pages" to use something other than Two Fingers (or turn it off).  Once this is done, Shift plus scroll up/down/left right all works.
Scroll Gestures - Windows
  • As on Mac, Shift+MouseWheel Up/Down will Pan the layout
  • There are often settings that are driver dependent to enable scrolling using one or two fingers. Settings->Devices->Mouse&TouchPad->Mouse Additional
  • If you have a mouse with a horizontal wheel (or something that simulates it - like a paddle) that together with Shift will Pand Left/Right
Happy Panning!

PS Two other things that can help are text shortcuts in Select. (i.e., Keys you can hit while the window is selected and the cursor is on the Drawing Surface).

  • "c" - Centers the Screen where the cursor is. Note - If "Options->Display->Constrain display to Layout boundaries" is on, the position may be offset if the point is close to the boundary.
  • "e" - Zooms the Screen so that all the Layout can be seen and the Origin is lower left.