Creating room basics #HowTo

Todd Rebhahn

I am a newbie to xtrackcad, but have been using AutoCAD and Revit for over 20 years, which may be a detriment to trying to make this do what I want. I have gone through the tutorials, and when it comes to track layout this program will rock, but I cannot get my room into it. Basically I have been trying to draw my room for over 2 hours and cannot get it done. I could have done this in AutoCAD in 5 minutes. I have windows, doors, closets, and hallways to draw in for my limitations. 

I am looking for simple offset commands to the lines I am drawing. The only way I can find adjust lines is through modifying the x/y coordinates, which means calculating every location of the endpoints. Example: 

Is there an easier way to layout the room boundaries? I am looking for CAD commands like offset and trim.

Thanks for any tips you may have!

Adam Richards

First, turn on Sticky for all Draw Objects (Straight, Curved and Shapes). See Options->Sticky. 

Once you have done that, there are entry boxes on the bottom rail after you add draw objects for things like length and angle. Once you have drawn each object you can alter its properties precisely by updating these values and hitting tab or enter or moving the mouse off the box.

As you are drawing objects, holding down Ctrl snaps the angles to 90 degree increments (in shapes 90 degrees relative to the last side drawn). 

You'll notice that if you have Magnetic Snap on, there is an anchor that shows for adding draw objects on nearby objects (like other Draw objects). If you are close to the end, the new line will snap to the end point. 

For a Polygon, the text boxes allow you to set the side lengths and relative angles. There is a square anchor that appears where the line will end at a point that is 90 degrees from the start point. You can also add extra vertices 

In V5.2 there is another option - using a PolyLine - which is an unclosed Polygon - that obviously allows you not to worry about the ensuring the ends of each line are touching. It is simple to close a Polyline into a Polygon using Properties.  You can also Join a set of Draw objects into a Polyline.


Paul Kemner

It's also worth creating layers for the different room elements- walls, windows, etc. That way you can lock them so you won't accidentally delete them.