display turntable - xtrackcad V5.2.0 Beta 2.0 #Bug #v5dot2



I still don't know how to solve this display problem:

We have already discussed this topic. The display of the turntable is not manageable.
Please, do you have a simple solution?
(Windows 10 Pro 64bits, Märklin H0)


Jacques G.

France, Cugnaux 31270


Adam Richards

Previously we had discussed that the layout file you sent had the track segments with color set to non-white. This explained how it looked. I had assumed that came from an older parameter file and then you tried the Beta 1 version but it had lowercase "a"s - so I sent you a copy of the Beta 2 copy. 

So we need to reset my understanding.

1. On Beta2, did you ensure the parameter file you are using is the Beta2 one? Check its filepath is correctly pointing to the Beta2, if not reload.
2. Did you delete the existing copy and re-insert the beta2 version?
3. Did you Save? 
4. Then did you Start? 

Is no other version running on the same layout... 

I should explain that if you didn't explicitly Save, it is possible that you are resuming with the previous version... And obviously if two copies of the program are running... 

Meanwhile I will try to put the Beta 2 version into a new file, save and restart, to see if there is any problem with Save/Load.... 


Adam Richards

OK - found that WriteSegs() has a bug!!

It was overwriting the color with Black for all tracks... That is what you were seeing. 

Fix pushed.  It is a reasonably hot one, so we will take a look after a week and see if we want to cut a Beta 2.1 with all the Bugs we may have accumulated..