ostrich locomotive - xtrackcad V5.2.0 Beta 2.0 #HowTo


Hello, Adam,
I have another gag: the locomotive that plays the ostrich by sticking its head in the sand under the rails!

It's probably the same bug as the previous one...


Jacques G.
France, Cugnaux 31270

Le 20/07/2020 à 20:58, Adam Richards a écrit :

OK - found that WriteSegs() has a bug!!

It was overwriting the color with Black for all tracks... That is what you were seeing. 

Fix pushed.  It is a reasonably hot one, so we will take a look after a week and see if we want to cut a Beta 2.1 with all the Bugs we may have accumulated.. 



Adam Richards

No that is a drawing order problem. The code doesn't today differentiate between Cars and Tracks - it is all one list and it draws it back to front. So a Car that was created earlier than a Track will end up "under" it. 

The way to quickly fix it today would be to select the Car and say "Front" or the Track and say "Back".

But admittedly that is less than satisfactory - because the real issue is to ensure the Cars are only "in front" of the Tracks that they are running on (but not all tracks as some tracks may be over the track).  That is part of a much bigger effort because the order of tracks today is similarly not controlled well.