Error on XtrackCad - Track segment 3 not on Path #Parameter


OK. I have removed the T/T from the Parameter file and now not getting the error. Thanks

Dwyane Ward


You need to get an update file from the latest download as the 32180 turntable definition has been corrected.
Dwyane Ward



The file is in the Files section of the Group (
I have been using it since 2013 and it is only this year it has been causing the error, so it may be an issue with a newer version of the program. It is not serious as it does not prevent me from using XtrackCAD.

I loaded the file from another user in 2013 after he had amended the original.


Dave Bullis

A turnout defn, in a .xtp file, contains segments which are simple pieces of straight and cureved tracks.
There can also be non-track segments like lines, rectangles, polygons etc.
There are also Paths in the defn (P lines) which define the seguence of segments to get from one endPoint to another.
There error is saying the segment 3 (which is a track) doesn't appears in any P line.
This inidicates that something is wrong with the defn
The line number (374) is actually at the end of the turnout defn.

Please attach the .xtp file in question and let us know where you got it.


Joost van der Waa

Hi Bill,

The error message is referring to the line number (374) in the <filename>.xtp file.
On that specific line, there is an error with a track segment.
Just share the file on this forum and somebody with enough knowledge on the syntax will point out what is wrong exactly.




Could someone suggest what is causing this error :

INPUT ERROR: ..... <filename>.xtp:374
Track segment 3 not on Path

I have looked at anything with 374 on a line, but nothing seems wrong.