Beta 2.1: After the Demos finish it crashes! #Bug


Hi folks. when running the Demos I got to the end of the Demos where the Notes Command is discussed and demonstrated. Then the Demo Window says that I have reached the end of the Demos and by clicking "Step" I will be returned to XTrkCAD. So I clicked on "Step" and instantly got a clean screen. Somehow that Demo routine crashed the system. There was no warning. The screen suddenly had nothing on it other than my background.

This is reproducible on my system so something has broken somewhere. Sigh.

System: Windows 10.
-- Ian

Dave Bullis

Has this worked before?
Does this happen with a New layout with nothing on it?
Does this happen when just running the Notes demo, or do you have to run them all?
When running the demos, if you hold down the Shift key while clicking step, the demos will run continuously until the end.  Have you tried this?
After the crash there are no Window icon or bars, just your background?
After the crash do you have to power cycle your machine?

Very strange.


Adam Richards

There was an issue in Notes that was fixed where it got confused about the end of the Note.  I’m not clear what that looked like on Windows as distinct from GTK where it got truncated.

Perhaps Martin can reproduce the issue at the demo end.