Can rolling stock have just one coupler?

Russ Bonny

I would like to add a snowplow to my roster. It has a coupler on only one end. Can that be done in xtrackcad?

Adam Richards

No - our model for cars is relatively unsophisticated, I'm afraid. There are assumptions that all Cars - 

1. Have two couplers (either attached to the frame or the bogie)
2. Have two bogies with 2 wheels each (this doesn't matter much as the layout view is always overhead and the body of the car usually masks the wheels. The picture shown in Car definition super-imposes the bogies, but that is definition time sugar. We don't define pony trucks, which makes the coupling movements somewhat un-realistic for engines in particular - where the bogies are defined at the limit of the driving wheels to ensure the engine sweeps the correct envelope. The coupling for a non-body shape is either at the car end (prototype engine but often not model) or in a straight line from the outer driving wheel center  to the next car's bogie center. 
3.  These two bogie inter-center distance are defined (distance between and in V5.2 any offset from the center of the car to the center of the bogies). 
4. Can navigate any radius curves we have defined
5. Actually don't care about the gauge track they sit on - it is left as an exercise for the user to place as desired - this allows use of imprecise "re-gauged" equipment.

The suppression of coupling in one or both directions (in the model we may have a dummy coupler on any Car as well as your snow-plough case) would be a feature request.